Zig Where Others Zag

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast electricity demand and generation. AI is also used to give consumers foresight over their energy profile and make energy-saving decisions.

Openbill™ is our IoT-based smart energy monitoring system that produces comprehensive reports including detailed energy usage information, energy forecasts and alerts about faulty equipment for each and every device and appliance.

Zigmart™ is our AI-powered secure peer-to-peer energy trading platform, based on Blockchain. It provides a secure and open energy trading marketplace and empowers households to sell their excess energy from green sources.

We use data coming from smart metering at the grid connections, as well as weather forecasts, combined with the social information to automatically change the supply and demand of electricity at a given point in time to keep the grid balanced.

In ZIG, our mission is to encourage people to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Openbill™ teaches consumers to reduce their energy consumption and costs; and Zigmart™ empowers them to generate and sell green energy.